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The features of the Soleto stone

scheda-engThanks to its workability, it can be used for multiple purposes: from the urban design to the indoor and outdoor architecture, from hand-made products to the urban and architectural restoration works.
Floorings and coatings realized with Soleto stone can have different sizes and finishes which give them an elegant appearance.
The most typical flooring is basolato, which has been used for centuries for paving the wonderful Salento historic city centres.
The basoli (paving stones) are suitable for roads, squares, public and private places, they can come in different shapes and thicknesses and they can have smoothed or bush-hammered finishes.
Thanks to the hand union of small stone blocks, that have already been selected and dimensioned, we create the dry-stone walls, that have become integral part of the most traditional Mediterranean landscape, and the cobblestone pavements. The typical chlorine resistance makes the Soleto stone very suitable for the production of edges and floors of swimming pools and fountains.
The stone stairs are particularly beautiful and they can be realized with treads of different thickness and shape and with various working for their upper surface: they can be polished, bush-hammered or customized upon request.

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